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Now Hiring Pool Manager

GENERAL DUTIES: Under the administrative direction of the Borough Manager, the Pool Manager is responsible for the daily operation of the Hatboro Memorial Pool, as well as all pool programs and activities.


1. Administration and oversight of pool;
2. Supervision of all pool employee;
3. Daily maintenance of the pool facility;
4. Ensuring the safety of pool patrons and employees; and
5. Developing and managing pool programming.


1. Supervises all daily activities, and punctually opens and closes the pool;
2. Maintains a schedule of work hours and assigns staff to ensure adequate staffing. Ensures either the pool manager or assistant manager is on duty anytime the pool is open;
3. Prepares schedules or all personnel and ensure adequate staffing for the entire season;
4. Responsible for ordering supplies for pool, daily financial records, daily deposits of money, supervising employees in stand;
5. Reports any accidents or customer complaints to Borough Manager;
6. Maintain good public relations;
7. Schedules swim lessons;
8. Responsible for opening pool for swim club; and,
9. Keep log of number of patrons per day. File monthly report to Borough Manager with copy to Council Chair for Parks, Recreation and Public Facilities.


1. Supervising employee desks and lifeguards


1. Supervises daily maintenance of pool. Keeps pool, decks, furniture, restrooms, and dressing rooms in a clean and orderly condition daily. Insure proper supply of soap, toilet paper and paper towels for restroom;
2. Assist in any special events or programs for public; and
3. Compile certifications, child background checks, criminal background checks, and other certifications as directed by the Borough Manager
4. Maintain daily logs, chemical readings, bathing counts, daily fees, guest fees and any other fees paid at the pool.
5. Responsible for timely bank drops and reconciliation of same daily.


1. Insure safety of patrons and employees; and
2. Report any safety problems to Borough Manager.


1. Coordinate and/or schedule any special programs for pool - example: "Teen Pool Night, etc.";
2. Perform any other related work as directed by Borough Manager; and 
3. Swim Lessons.


1. Experience in the management of an aquatics facility
2. Certification in Lifeguarding, First Aid and CPR.
3. Lifeguard experience.
4. Strong knowledge of aquatic facility regulations
5. Strong knowledge of pool chemicals and filtration system.
6. The ability to work independently.
7. A professional and patient demeanor.
8. Exceptional communication, record keeping and diplomacy skills.
9. WIS and Certified Pool Operator certification preferred, but not required.
10. Experience in interacting with State and Montgomery County Health Departments.

Qualified applicants should submit a resume on or before February 28, 2018. Applicants can send resumes to: Borough of Hatboro, 414 S. York Rd., Hatboro, PA 19040 or via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.