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Fire Marshal



Hatboro Fire Marshal Office


Welcome to the Hatboro Fire Marshal’s Office Webpage! Our office strives every day to provide a high level of fire protection services to the Borough of Hatboro. The Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for performing inspections, reviewing plans, investigations, educating our residents in preventing fires and more. It is our belief that it is safer and more economical to prevent a fire from occurring than to have to extinguish a fire.  Our office is always will to assist you in any way possible please feel to contact us at any time for questions at 215-443-9100


Erick D. Myers 

Fire Marshal

James Anders III

Deputy Fire Marshal



The Hatboro Fire Marshals Office strives to provide a FREE smoke detector program for homeowners in the Borough of Hatboro. The program is geared for home owners rather than rentals as all rental properties require smoke detectors to be provided by the building owner. 

Requests for Smoke Detector can be made by calling 215-443-9100 or by simply stopping by Borough Hall. 

If you rent and have no smoke detectors in your unit/building, please call to register a code complaint at 215-443-9100. 

The following websites provide additional information regarding fire and life safety compliance, best practices, tips, and techniques on how to stay safe and prevent fires:


United States Fire Administration



Consumer Products Safety Commission



National Fire Protection Association



Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition



Underwriters Laboratories



National Institute of Standards and Technology



International Code Council



Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry



The Burn Foundation 



National Safety Council



Centers for Disease Control



American Red Cross




Yearly Fire Inspection Coming Up??

Use the following list of 10 common items found during Commercial Fire Safety Inspections as a guide to help you be successful and safe.


1. Are your exits unlocked and free of obstructions?

  • Exits should be unlocked and free of obstructions at all times while the building is occupied.


2. Are your exit stairwells free of obstructions and storage materials?

  • Exit stairs shall be maintained free of all obstructions and/or impediments.


3. Has your Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler system been inspected by a licensed contractor?

  • Your Fire Alarm system and Fire Sprinkler system are required to be inspected and certified by a licensed contractor at least once a year.


4. Have your fire extinguishers been inspected by a licensed contractor this year?

  • Fire extinguishers are required to be tested and tagged annually by a licensed contractor.


5. Are your emergency lights and exit signs visible and in proper working order?

  • Exit signs should be illuminated at all times. Emergency lights should be tested periodically by pushing the test button.


6. Are you using extension cords instead of having additional electrical outlets installed?

  • Extension cords and multi-plug adapters are not a replacement for permanent wiring. Eliminate unsafe extension cord and/or multi-plug adapter use.


7. Do you have any electrical wiring that is exposed or electrical boxes that are not covered?

  • Electrical boxes are required to be covered and access to electrical panels are to remain clear.


8. Are flammable liquids stored in approved containers and/or cabinets?

  • All flammable liquids should be stored in approved containers and/or cabinets, or in a designated outside storage area.


9. Do you have combustibles stored too close to gas appliances or electric water heater?

  • No combustible or flammable items are to be stored near gas appliances or electrical waters heaters.


10. Is your address clearly marked in daylight and at night?

  • Do your numbers face the road? Address numbers should be clearly marked, contrast with the background, and face the road.