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Permits & Licenses

Contractor Licenses

Certain contractors doing work in the Borough are required to have a Hatboro contractor's license.  In addition, all contractors doing work at residential properties in the Borough must be registered home contractors with the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General.


Permits are required for the improvements including, but not limited to...

  • new construction
  • additions & alterations
  • roofing & siding
  • fences
  • demolitions
  • above-ground & in-ground pools
  • sheds & accessory buildings
  • electrical work
  • plumbing
  • sewer hook-ups
  • installations of heaters, wood stoves & fireplaces
  • street openings
  • curb & sidewalk repairs and replacement
  • signs
  • fire code inspection
  • underground tank removal

Not sure you need a permit?
Just call us at (215) 443-9100 and we'll be glad to help!

Downloadable Permits

Construction Permits

Name File size    
Construction Permit Application 581.35 KB


Use and Occupancy Applications:

Residential Use & Occupancy 458.54 KB

Commercial Use & Occupancy Application 458.54 KB

Rental Application 2.69 MB

Commercial Property Information Form 117.58 KB



Sign Zoning Permit 387.02 KB

Fence Zoning Permit 374.83 KB

Shed Zoning Permit 380.55 KB

Zoning Permit Application (General) 458.54 KB

Zoning Hearing Board Application 207.51 KB

Conditional Use Application 298.58 KB


Sidewalk and Curb Permit

Sidewalk and Curb Permit 428.03 KB


Contractor Licenses:

Contractor License 88.12 KB


Shade Tree Permit

Shade Tree Permit 235.72 KB


Parking Permit Application (Borough Lots Only)

Parking Permit Application - Borough Lots Only 127.41 KB