Traffic Safety Advisory Program

The Hatboro Police Department has launched a new program to help deal with issues concerning traffic law violators. In addition to our officers diligently investigating reports of traffic problems and issuing citations to offenders when appropriate, the police department has now made it easier for residents to report specific traffic law violators.

Our new Traffic Safety Advisory Program is designed to assist the department in locating areas where drivers are violating our traffic laws. The accompanying form may be electronically submitted or delivered to the police department, to the attention of the Chief of Police. The data collected on these forms will be entered into a database to help the department track trends in traffic law violations. This data, combined with traffic accident statistics and enforcement statistics, will aid the department in the deployment of our officers to address specific needs regarding traffic safety.

As a reminder, please never confront a motorist for violating traffic laws. Rather, safely obtain a description of the vehicle and driver, using the form as a guide, and report the matter to police utilizing the form. Of course, you may always call the department if you would like to meet with one of our officers.

Please drive safely!

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